Which Comet products are registered disinfectants?

Comet Bathroom and Ultra Bathroom Sprays

Comet Classic Antibacterial Spray

Is Comet safe to use on ceramic tiles?

Will Comet harm my septic system?

Comet Liquid Soft Cleanser contains bleach and should only be used as a last resort for heavy stains and wiped off immediately. Comet Bathroom Cleaner Sprays are safe to use on ceramic tiles.

Comet will not harm your septic system when used in the manner as stated on the label.

Can Comet be used on Chrome fixtures?

Can Comet be used on carpets?

We do not recommend Comet products be used on soft surfaces. Comet is meant to be used on hard, nonporous surfaces.

We suggest testing a small area prior to full use as items that look like “chrome” may not actually be that material. If the material dulls, discontinue use.

Is Comet safe to use on glass?

Comet Classic Window is safe to use on glass. Other Comet products are not recommended.